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Best 5 Android Apps To Watch TV Content

TV Viewing is an integral part of everyone’s life. After a hard day’s work everyone needs a touch of joy and comfort to relax a bit and watch an awesome hollywood movie or a comedy sitcom. TV is a powerful tool to educate children also. With so much diversity and variety in android, now you can watch TV on your android powered devices. Here at TheDroidBlog we have compiled a small list of the best apps to watch TV online on android device you can find on the Google PlayStore.


It lets users to watch almost whatever they want whenever they want. With this app your android powered device is virtually converted into a DVR!Droid TV Primetime lets you record and watch individual sitcoms and serials and also record every episode when they are available. Episodes are downloaded/recorded from the internet.


Now you can watch all your favorite discovery’s shows on your device with their official app for android. It lets you view almost all of the shows aired on the channel.However most videos are teasers and trailers and not full videos.There are also various quizzes, puzzles which might appeal to children.


This is a must have app for any movie lover. With HBO GO,you can stream and watch around 1500 of your favorite movies,TV series,comedies etc.You can create a custom watch list also which allows you to watch what you want to anytime. However this app is restricted only to those residing in the US.


Netflix is another great application to stream and watch your favorite shows and movies. The app itself is free but however requires you to make an account for unlimited streaming for around $15.88. The big USP for this app is that it allows you to stream to multiple devices under same account regardless of their IP. The movies and show catalogue is vast with most sitcoms and movies available for streaming.


SBP TV has a TV list integrated into it,to let you you know what’s showing. There are many channels to choose from but only international channels are available and you might not find your regional city channels.In the free version there are only 5 channels and for additional channels you need to purchase them. The app also features PIP and TV guide for the day.

How To Use Multiple Calendars on Android

Your android device can do a lot of things to make your life easier, and syncing your various appointments and memos is one of them. There are a plethora of calendar apps available for download deom the Google Play Store and one of the most popular is Jorte Calendar.
Jorte allows you to seamlessly sync all the various calendars you use through your android device through to one app, and lets you edit them freely. On top of that, you can select which calenders you want to be shown on your schedule at any one time.

The process of getting your various calenders into one place is relatively easy, but can take a little getting used to at first, mainly due to Jorte being packed with various features and setting.
Our tutorial shows you how to get all the appointments that keep you busy all in one place.

1. Download Jorte Calendar
You will first need to download Jorte Calendar from the Google Play Store.Once it has finished downloading and installed, open the app.

2. Choose Default calendar
Upon opening for the first time, Jorte Calendar will give you the chance to sync certain calendars together, including importing your Google Calendar Account.Choose the option you want to include while using Jorte and press OK to continue.

3. Get Used to layout
You will now see the default calendar screen in Jorte and with it you should see your entries from your other calendars, before you have even entered anything using Jorte. Swipe on the screen to switch between months, and check all your future appointments are correct.

4. Choose Calendars
While on the main calendar screen, press the compass symbol in the bottom-right of the screen to open up a series of further icons along the bottom of the screen. Press the furthest left icon to open up the Choose Calendars screen to move onto the step.

5. Which One to use?
You will now subsequently see a list of the multiple calendars that are currently synced to the Jorte Calendar app. By ticking and un-ticking each calendar as you wish you can ass or remove the entries of the calendar to your Jorte Calendar schedule.

6. Adding A calendar
While on the chooses calendars screen, you may decide to add a further calendar that is present on your device, but you have already set to sync with the app. Simply press the Add button and enter the basic details needed.

7. Creating a new calendar
By clicking the create button you can enter a few details regarding your new calendar, as well as syncing with rest of your calendars.

8. Choose default
If you are now using multiple calendars through the Jorte app, you may now want to pick your default one. Press the options button on your device, before accessing the Calendar settings that appear. Select the default calendar settings that appear. Select the default calendar sub-menu and pick the calendar you want to use.

9. Sync with Jorte Cloud
As a backup, you can sync all your data with Jorte’s Cloud.Press the options button on your phone and open the the Sync setting menu.From the dub menu appears tick the Use Jorte cloud box, then press sync now.

10. Export your data
If you are worried about losing your inputted data, you can export it to keep it safe.Access the same options drop-down menu as before and select the Data import and export.Choose which data you want to export.

[FAQs] Concept of Rooting Android in Short

You are reading this blog, So I am damn sure you own a android phone. We hear quite frequently about android rooting from different blogs, forums and friends. But what exactly rooting android means? Lets Understand the Term “Android Rooting” quickly in short with help of this article.

Android Phone Rooting

What Is Rooting?

Rooting is a process which allows users of smartphones,tablets or any other device running the Android OS to attain access to the systems root in the Android’s Subsystem.Rooting helps users to overcome certain limitations which might have been imposed by the hardware or software manufacturers.Rooting s to android what jailbreak is to iOS or the SonyPlaystaion 3.As android is largely based on the linux kernel,rooting an android powered device is similar as attaining administrative privileges in LINUX.

How Can Rooting Help?
Rooting a device generally enables applications to run privileged commands which is impossible in stock configuration.With rooting it id possible to do the following:

  • Custom ROM’s
  • Custom Themes
  • Custom Kernels-Improves Speed,Battery Life.
  • New Baseband-Improved Cell Reception
  • Unlock Additional Features-Free WiFi & USB Tethering

What Are The Disadvantages Of Rooting?
Bricking-it’s a primary reason why you should not root your device.Bricking simply means screwing up your phone software very badly that your phone can’t function normally and is some cases won’t even boot up.Even manufacturers don’t cover bricked devices in warranty and you end up having nothing more than an expensive paper weight.

Security Issues-Rooted devices have an increased risk of unknowingly installing malicious software and applications,as after rooting your OS is virtually exposed.

Void Warranty-Some manufacturers don’t entertain claims of rooted devices. However android devices can be un-rooted very easily.