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Buy Postage Stamps Near Me – Detailed Guide

This guide will go in detail for helping you in knowing from where you can buy stamps we have came across 9 best platforms which deals in selling postal stamps. Hope you will find the right one for yourself from below given competitive list.

1. Amazon and USPS online

Well, if you don’t have the time or don’t visit the bank, Walmart or any other possible place then online shopping is best for you. There are plenty of online retailers but Amazon has established themselves, and we all are familiar with it. This link will take you to the Amazon stamp page (click here) if you like then add it your cart. You can also visit the USPS‘ official site to purchase postage stamp.

2. Walmart

Every place in the US has a Walmart store. Even rural and urban areas have access to the Walmart. So, if you want to purchase stamp offline, then Walmart is probably the right place. And, if you don’t have other important stuff like paper, pen, and envelope then you can find it there so this would be an added advantage.

3. Banks

The second place where you might find the stamp is the bank. Most local banks near you have postage stamps. The first time I purchased postage stamp, it was my local bank. It’s more convenient to people who often visit their bank. You’ll get both the works done at the same time. Remember, banks are not open 24 hours so watch out for timing and their lunch hours.

4. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the other place you check in to very often. We all know pharmacy stores have gotten versatile over the years. You can find most of your daily needs things there like toilet paper, food, medicines E.T.C Most importantly, you can might also find stamps there. Not all the pharmacies have stamps, but Walgreens, RiteAid, and CVS are established provider of varieties of stamps.

5. Grocery Stores

The grocery store is another place where you can potentially get postage stamps. In the majority of the stores, you’ll find it in school supplies section. If you don’t find any, then you can ask the customer service depart. It would be better if you call them before visiting them because not every grocery stores have them.

6. ATMs

ATM is another place where you might visit at least once or twice a week. If you have this in you schedule list, then you should probably cancel other possible places because you might get them from your ATM. The majority of the West Coast ATMs provide stamps.

7. Gas Stations

The last place where I got myself postage stamps was Gas station. I wasn’t a surprise to me since they sell same kind os stuff sometimes. The fact that they are open 24/7, it makes them more convenient. So, if you’re heading to Gas station anytime soon, then you should ask them for the stamp to try you your luck.

8. Office Supply Stores

The other surprising place where you can find stamps near you is office supply stores like Office Depot and Staples. Copy Center like Fed Ex and UPS may also sell out stamps. Watch out their timing before you hit their center.

9. Cashing Places

The least convenient method is finding cashing places. It’s last on our list because only 1% of people would try it because it’s not easy to find such places. You might have some cash checkers and loan offers in your location so you might get some stamps from there.

I am attaching a video below, I found it really helpful and thought its worth it to add it into this post;