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Arsenal Post Match: Sports Update

Jeers greeted the final whistle at Emirates Stadium, as manager Arsene Wenger’s side dropped more points and fell further behind in the battle to break back into the top four. Gunners fans backing the ‘Black Scarf Movement’ had demonstrated around the ground before kick-off, complaining at the perceived commercialisation of the club following their move to the Emirates Stadium. On the pitch, Wenger opted to deploy Ivory Coast forward Gervinho in the central striker role ahead of Theo Walcott, who had netted an early goal in the midweek 1-1 draw at Everton. However, it was Swansea who were the first to press, with a free-kick into the Arsenal penalty area eventually being hacked away by Per Mertesacker.


low, angled drive with his follow-up effort also blocked by the agile Pole. Arsenal failed to get any sort of rhythm together in the first 20 minutes, far too careless in possession and lacking ideas in the final third. Carl Jenkinson, in for injured right-back Bacary Sagna, whipped a cross through the six-yard box, but Gervinho could not make contact. The hosts finally got some momentum, with Santi Cazorla headed at Swans goalkeeper Gerhard Tremmel after another good cross from Jenkinson.

Jonathan de Guzman whipped his free-kick up over the wall, but also the crossbar. Arsenal offered little in way of attacking threat, and when Podolski did send over a good cross from the left, Gervinho failed to make a clean connection as the ball bounced away to the corner flag – which just about summed up the first half for the hosts. Arsenal emerged with much more vigour for the restart. Cazorla shot straight at the goalkeeper following good work by Jack Wilshere.

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Asphalt Gameplay

New MP System
First there is the League system… Where you can play using only “special tickets”. You can only have 2-3 tickets at a given time. And when you’re out of tickets after 2-3 races, you have to wait 2-3 hours for a new ticket, or pay an overpriced fee of 110 to 143 tokens for 1-2 races. That means 1$ one race.
Second there is the Free MP system… Where there is no more Winning Streak ! You heard me well… No more jackpot ! No more Free upgrades after 7 or 9 consecutive wins in a row. But that’s not finished… You can’t raise your World Rank anymore ! Yes before in the old system you could raise your rank among the best players, now that’s only part of the “League System”.
Third and last thing… After reading this it should be obvious to anyone that the Free MP mode shouldn’t interfere in any ways with the League system right ? WRONG ! If you try the FREE Mode, you can LOSE points if you’re not ranked well at the end of the Race ! In other words… Playing to the New FREE MP Mode = You’re sure to Lose and Never win. Yes you heard me well once more… Free Mode is not giving you any of the previous rewards, forget about the extra credits, the free upgrades of Nitro Kits you could win, you can’t win World Rank as well… But still… YOU CAN LOSE RANK ! 😀
FREE MP is now only for Masochists
C’mon who would want to play in a Free MP race knowing that…

You can’t win Rank
But You can sure lose it !
For the sake of winning credits at the end of the race ? Anyone can earn them faster in Solo mode, and without losing Rank ! So unless you’re a masochist willing to play against other people, knowing you have everything to lose and nothing to win… no… i don’t see who could be interested by such a system… -_-


League System is for Rich, Hackers or… Masochists !
If you’re rich… you can invest 1$ a race, not a problem for you… (after all you have more than you can spend)
If you have used the Famous Hack tool and never been caught… you probably already have millions of credits, and as many tokens… So paying an overpriced fee is not a problem for you. (You have too much of them anyway)
Masochists once more… not rich, not a cheater either… but still you’re willing to pay overpriced fees to play.
But… There are many Loots in the new system !
And to get them… you must win points ! each races won at the first place are bringing you 25 points, a little less for 2nd, and less for 3rd and 4th place. Then as you gather points on the long run, you automatically unlock new rewards. At the beginning these rewards can be claimed very fast ! The 5 first races can get you many little things like credits, tokens, decals and Free tickets 🙂 But as you continue to play… the gap between new prices becomes bigger and bigger ! To the point where it takes several races to win one useless decal for a car you’re not even using ! -_-

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